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Independent Crown of Australia Network
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patriation and modernisation of the Australian Crown
Local Meetings

Local Meetings are essentially groups of people getting together in their local place to talk about the ideas put forward by ICAN.

Local Meetings are autonomous but linked by a common commitment to the ICAN Charter.

A Local Meeting may be as small as a group of friends or a family, or larger such as an apartment building, a street, a coffee club, a school mum's group, a swimming class or a bush walking club, or really big such as a whole suburb, town or shire. Size and spread are determined by the members of a meeting.

Local Meetings may meet casually in a member's house or garden, in a park or on a beach, or in a café, coffee shop or restaurant, whenever the occasion arises; or they may meet more regularly and formally with a set venue and meeting schedule. This is determined by the members of a meeting.

The Purposes of Local Meetings

The purposes of Local Meetings is to
  • provide a forum for talking about the ideas put forward by ICAN;
  • to raise awareness of ICAN ideas;
  • to promote discussion about alternatives to the stale old ideas put forward so far in the anti-monarchist versus old monarchist arguments in Australia today; and
  • to provide knowledge about and inspire a commitment to the independent Crown of Australia and the future possibilities inherent within it.

How to Form a Local Meeting

Anyone can form a Local Meeting. If you are interested in forming a Local Meeting, it can be as informal as asking some other like-minded people to meet together, having asked them to have a look at this website first, and then agree upon some discussion topics, and away you go. The Website Group strongly recommends this sort of informal approach, as the main reason for such Local Meetings is to promote discussion, not the formation of permanent organisations. The informality of a book club or reading group is probably a good model to keep in mind. If the group is to engage in any sort of fund raising activities for its local projects, then some sort of open and accountable financial system will need to be adopted.

In some cases it may be advantageous to form a more formal group, and if you wish to take such an approach, then the usual methods of public notices to attract attention and then the proper processes for establishing a club or society will have to be followed. There are likely to be formal requirements for such organisations set out in the legislation for incorporated bodies in each state and territory, and you should be familiar with this if you are not experienced is establishing local community organisations.

Events and Activities for a Local Meeting

Local Meetings may undertake a variety of events and activities to promote the ICAN Charter and its ideas. These might include
  • discussions at meetings with pre-arranged topics or members leading,
  • letter writing campaigns to local 'letters-to-the-editor' pages, politicians at all levels, local groups with complementary aims, and so on.
  • organise to hold a stall at your next local or regional fete or show to provide information to people attending the show.
  • provide speakers for local clubs and societies, such as Apex, Rotary, Zonta, Quota, historical and heritage societies, sporting clubs and many others who are often looking for speakers at their regular or annual meetings.
  • establish your own local website to explore and apply ideas from the ICAN Website locally (don't forget to include a link to the ICAN Website).
  • hold a party, picnic or other social event to provide a more informal get-together over a few drinks and munchies and let the talking happen!
  • the Queen's Birthday long-weekend is always particularly appropriate to celebrate with a social event, especially if you can involve a place or memento of significance, such as the site of a royal visit, a place commemorating a royal event such as a coronation, or somewhere bearing the honorific 'Royal' in its name or title,
  • conduct a letter-boxing campaign to provide some basic promotional materials to citizens living in your area,
  • anything else that the group would like to do.

Ideas and topics for discussion and exploration can be found generally thoughout this website, and especially in
  • the ideas and concepts set out in Our Charter,
  • the topics, ideas and concepts covered in the Discussion Papers,
  • the forthcoming Campaigns Page, and
  • the many and diverse approaches being taken by other monarchist groups around the world that are listed on our Links pages.

Networking between Local Meetings and with the Website Group

Local Meetings provide a forum for teams of supporters in their own local area to meet. Local teams are encouraged to contact each other and to co-operate, co-ordinate and otherwise network on a inter-local, regional, state or territory-wide, or cross-border basis whenever and wherever possible.

The ICAN website provides the principle means of connecting and communicating between networkers, supporters, local meetings, the ICAN Co-ordinator and the ICAN Web Team. The Co-ordinator can be contacted by clicking here.

Local Meetings Noticeboard

Local Meetings will be encouraged to post notices of their upcoming events, reports on recent activities, and website and email addresses on a noticeboard that will be established by the Web Team on this page in the near future.