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Independent Crown of Australia Network
a community network dedicated to Australian independence through the
patriation and modernisation of the Australian Crown
Other Languages

ICAN welcomes and supports the great diversity of languages and cultures that make up Australian society, and which is reflected in the multi-cultural genealogies of the Australian Crown.

The purpose of the Other Languages is to provide entry to our website for people whose first language may not be English, or who prefer to read and talk in a community language other than English. The multi-lingual skills of the Australian people are one of the great under-utilised resources of our nation.

The ICAN Homepage is being translated into several other community languages, and it is hoped to increase the number of languages, and the extent of translated pages available, over time. These Other Language pages have been prepared by the ICAN Web Team.

Other Languages currently available

The following Other Language versions of the Homepage have been prepared:

Like to Translate?

Would you like to translate our Homepage and/or any other pages on our website into another language?, or correct and revise the existing translations of our pages? If you are interested in translating a page or pages into another language, or revising an existing translation, please contact the Web Team first to discuss your translations or revisions, the technical requirements of our website (especially regarding diacritical marks and alphabets or scripts other than Latin), and compatibility with Our Charter.

Of course, you can always prepare your own website or pages in another language for your own Local Meeting, but this should be discussed with the Co-ordinator or the Web Team to ensure its content is compatible with Our Charter.