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    The Straw Kingdom

  • ICAN, the Independent Crown of Australia Network, welcomes you to our website.

    ICAN is a community network dedicated to Australian independence through the patriation and modernisation of the Australian Crown.

    ICAN dares to imagine a new Australia of citizens and their communities connected to each other through a common allegiance to the Australian Crown as the living embodiment of their shared aspirations.

    ICAN reflects over 200 years of the fusion of the many cultures and ethnicities in Australia now making a new people looking to the future in the Asia Pacific.

    ICAN believes that the Australian Crown is separate to and independent of the British Crown, with its own cultural significance to the peoples of Australia.

    ICAN opposes the xenophobic iconoclasm of the nationalist republicans and the empire nostalgia of the old monarchists.

    ICAN represents another way, a way forward, an Australian way.

    Enjoy visiting our website, and please send us your feedback and comments by going to the Contact Us page.

    You can return to this homepage at any time by clicking on any of our lozenge-shaped emblems on any page - or click on your browser's 'back' button to return to the last page you viewed.
    ICAN established 8 September 2002 - Website published 10 June 2006
    (Queen's Birthday public holiday long weekend)