Independent Crown of Australia Network
Independent Crown of Australia Network
a community network dedicated to Australian independence through the
patriation and modernisation of the Australian Crown
Contacting Us

  • ICAN is a loose network of autonomous groups and like-minded people.
  • ICAN has no formal leadership or organisational structures. The Co-rdinator and the Web Team manage this website and foster connections between like-minded groups and people.
  • ICAN has no formal membership.



Postal address:
PO Box 571
Parramatta NSW 2124

Office address:
ICAN has no office premises as yet

Website contacts:
The website is maintained by a team of volunteers on their home computers. Like-minded networkers can participate in the Web Team as well as their own local team by clicking here.

Contacting a Local Meeting
Local Meetings can be contacted by going to the Local Meetings pages. A noticeboard and chatroom is being developed for this page.

Local Meetings provide a forum for teams of supporters in their own local area to meet. Local meetings are functionally autonomous but are associated with each other by agreeing to support the General Principles set out in the ICAN Charter.

Local teams are encouraged to contact each other and to co-operate, co-ordinate and otherwise network on a regional basis, or on the basis of similar interests, whenever and wherever possible.