Independent Crown of Australia Network
The Charter of the
Independent Crown of Australia Network

a community network dedicated to Australian independence through the
patriation and modernisation of the Australian Crown
General Principles

The Australian Crown must be patriated to Australia and modernised.

The Australian Crown derives its contemporary authority from the will of the Australian people.

The Australian Crown embodies, reflects and represents the collective sovereignty and national unity of the Australian people.

The Australian Crown, through its patriation and modernisation, will be borne only on the basis of election by the people of Australia.

The Australian Crown has significant cultural, symbolic and ritual functions that are exercised in accordance with ancient customs and evolving practises with both Australian and overseas origins.

The Australian Crown has non-partisan political functions that are limited and can only be exercised in accordance with the constitution and its conventions.

The Australian Crown mirrors the migration and naturalisation experiences that are central to the evolution of the Australian people and Australian cultures.

The Australian Crown has the ability to draw upon dynastic traditions to play a strategic role in the interactions of the Australian nation with its Asia Pacific neighbours.

The Australian Crown, with its traditions of ritual and ceremonial entanglements, will through its patriation and modernisation provide opportunities for new beginnings between Aboriginal and non Aboriginal Australians.

Each of these General Principles is explored in more detail in a Discussion Paper titled Policy Themes and notes.

The Discussion Paper on the meanings of Our Emblem, and the Imagine scenario, help to visualise these General Principles.